Structural Chiropractic Office In Rochester Hills, MI

Precision Chiropractic
is a Structural Correction clinic in Rochester Hills, MI.  Our purpose is to provide patients with a comprehensive solution to resolve problems related to Structural Abnormalities of the spine and nervous system – allowing the body to work at its best.

Our unique approach features:

  • Offers a Variety of Chiropractic Techniques
  • Objective Measurements – By utilizing pre and post exams that feature objective measurements, our patients can see and feel the difference with their spine.
  • Long Term Correction – Our comprehensive plans stabilize the spine, allowing your correction to last.
  • Transparency – No games when it comes to the plan of care.  We discuss everything up front so that prospective patients know exactly what to expect.
  • High Frequency Digital X-Ray
  • Evidence Based Health Care

We are proud to serve patients from Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Troy, Shelby Township, Oakland Township and other areas of metro Detroit.

Our clinic serves people of all ages suffering from a variety of different health conditions.  Use our website to learn about relevant health topics and to find out if Structural Correction is right for you and your loved ones.

Our consultation’s are a conversation; not a high-pressure sales pitch. Schedule a no-fee consultation to speak with the doctor about your health concerns and goals.

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