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The Vagus Nerve- Why Is It So Important?

The Vagus Nerve I have been thinking about what I wanted to write about in this blog entry. It can be problematic at times to come up with a relevant topic that can be insightful, educational, and easy to apply to everyday life. I kept coming back to the vagus nerve because of its importance […]

The Effects Of Abnormal Head Posture On The Body

Read Time [3-5 min].  Abnormal head posture is the rule rather than the exception in today’s culture – but why?  I’ll give you a hint.  Go to a mall, school, or any other public location and watch what people are doing.  They are staring down at their smart phone, tablet, or computer.  This is a […]

Why Are Primitive Reflexes Important?

Primitive reflexes are automatic, stereotyped movements directed from the brain stem and executed without cortical involvement. What does this mean? It means, that at birth, our brain and body perform certain motions without us having to think.  This helps us throughout early life because we are born with certain skills required for survival as a […]

Sensory Disorders in Children

In 2000, an article in Us News and World Report stated that 1 in every 6 children in America suffered from conditions such as autism, aggression, dyslexia, and ADHD.  Unfortunately, the epidemic of sensory processing disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions appears to only be growing.  Why is this?  It can’t be strictly genetic – after all, […]

Neuroplasticity – The Secret To Treating Autism?

“That’s just the way I’m wired.”  Has anyone said this to you before?  We grew up under the impression that your brain is what it is – a final product that cannot be altered.  However, recent research indicates this is far from the case.  Let me introduce you to the concept of neuroplasticity.  This phenomenon […]

Caring For Children With Autism – A Conservative Approach

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition growing rapidly in the United States.  According to the CDC, 1 in 68 American children are on the Autistic spectrum – a ten fold increase over the past 40 years.  What is the reason for this exponential growth?  There are more than likely many factors.  However, one major reason […]

3 Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

American lifestyles contribute to a number of conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even neck pain.  More than a quarter of Americans will experience neck pain during their lifetime.  Unfortunately, many believe it is a natural part of aging.  What if I told you that wasn’t necessarily true?  Many of our […]

Why is a Chiropractor that Focuses On Structural Correction Unique?

People often ask me, what is the difference between a structural chiropractor and traditional chiropractor? That is a great question. Traditional chiropractors tend to manage symptoms, or secondary conditions – and they actually tend to do a good job.  Unlike the traditional approach, a chiropractor that focuses on structural correction of the spine is concerned […]

America’s Health Crisis – Are You The Problem?

America spends more than any other country in the world on health care – and yet, as of 2010, ranked 36th in the world for life expectancy with the anticipation that the ranking will continue to slip.  How can a country that spends so much on health care be this unhealthy?  In my opinion, the […]

What Would Happen If You Could See Your Spine In The Mirror?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look into a mirror and see all of your health problems?  Do you have crooked teeth?  You are probably going to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist.  Is there a new mole on your forehead?  Maybe you should consider calling a dermatologist.  Unfortunately, not all of your problems […]