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Can Eating Fats Make You……Fat?

There are about 4, 230, 984 diets available to the average consumer.  Most of these diets pick on a certain macronutrient that doesn’t fit its agenda and create a misguided plan to attack it.  One of the macronutrients that tends to confuse people and has developed a bad reputation because of this misperception is fat.  […]

Got Curves?

Did you know your spine has a number of curves when viewed from the side? These curves, according to engineering principles, help the spine protect itself from compressive loads. As your spine shifts away from what is considered normal (measurements derived from chiropractic, medical, surgical, physical therapy texts and journals) it causes abnormal loading of […]

Are Farmed Fish Bad for You?

Fish are one of the best sources for the animal-based omega-3 fats EPA and DHA.  There are many additional health benefits to eating them as well.  However, are all fish created equal?  It appears farmed fish offer less benefits relative to wild caught fish and are riddled with pollutants and other chemicals.  In addition, Omega-3 […]

What Does Your Head Posture Say About You?

Have you ever looked around a room and noticed some people’s heads tend to rest a little farther forward on their body than others? If you haven’t, maybe you were in a room where everybody was afflicted with this abnormal head position! Our head posture has deteriorated with the advent of technology like cell phones […]

Did You Know Animals Have Chiropractors Too?

Surprisingly (although maybe it shouldn’t be) animal chiropractors are a specialty within the profession.  After all, many animals have spines with structural issues just like you and me.  Much of the public isn’t aware of this unique area of expertise – and truthfully I am not sure how they would.  After all, I went through […]

Why Do You Need To Take Vitamin K2 With Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for your body to function optimally.  Many of us are aware that Vitamin D supplementation helps the body absorb calcium and can promote strong bones.  That is why it is often prescribed to those afflicted with osteoporosis, or its predecessor, osteopenia.  Did you know Vitamin D has a significant role in […]

When Did Sit-Ups Become Bad For You?

The Marine Corps started phasing sit-ups out of their PT tests recently. Is it possible that the exercise is too difficult for some of the most fit soldiers walking the planet? The answer is no. It turns out, sit-ups are bad for your spine and can lead to injury. One study found that 56% of […]