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Does Your Pillow Matter?

The average American sleeps about 7 hours per night according to estimates. That is a long time to be in a relatively still position. Is it bad to sleep in a position that compromises your spine all night? Evidence suggests that poor sleeping habits may affect your health.  One way to counter this is with […]

Could A Painful Neck Contribute To Vertigo?

According to the dictionary, vertigo is a sensation of motion which is associated with various disorders and in which the individual or the individual’s surroundings seem to whirl dizzily. It is akin to spinning around in a circle for one minute then attempting to stand straight. This feeling can be crippling. Those with vertigo may […]

Winter is Coming

In the award winning show Game of Thrones, winter is everything. People in northern climates suffer a similar fate – plagued by different demons and dragons. As winter approaches, the days become shorter, the sun becomes weaker, and participating in outdoor activities is near impossible due to frigid weather. Unfortunately for denizens of the north, […]

Text Neck – The Next American Epidemic

Advancements in technology have made all of our lives easier. Imagine a life where Siri isn’t around to give directions to the closest Starbucks, or answer a person’s random questions. Smart phones might as well do chores, because they are an integral part of the family. Is it possible, however, that there is a downside […]

Structure Determines Function

I remember seeing the article’s title written on the chalk board during my first anatomy class growing up.  My teacher went on to explain how the structure of the heart is perfect for its function.  The top two chambers of the heart, called atria, are so positioned because they collect blood from the body and […]

Taste the Rainbow

If the title sounds familiar, it is because Skittles made the expression popular when they were marketing their multi colored line of candy. It was, and still is a fantastic campaign. A consumer can’t help but think of Skittles every time the phrase is repeated. The company was on to something when they created “taste […]

What Does Your Body Have In Common With A House?

Shelter is one of the basic needs of life.  A well-constructed house will protect you from thunderstorms, bugs, frigid winters, scorching summers and a multitude of other hazards.  If a builder cuts corners during the construction process, you may notice: rain leaks through the roof, bugs infest the interior and your heating/cooling bills are astronomical.  […]