The Vagus Nerve- Why Is It So Important?

The Vagus Nerve I have been thinking about what I wanted to write about in this blog entry. It can be problematic at times to come up with a relevant topic that can be insightful, educational, and easy to apply to everyday life. I kept coming back to the vagus nerve because of its importance […]

The Effects Of Abnormal Head Posture On The Body

Read Time [3-5 min].  Abnormal head posture is the rule rather than the exception in today’s culture – but why?  I’ll give you a hint.  Go to a mall, school, or any other public location and watch what people are doing.  They are staring down at their smart phone, tablet, or computer.  This is a […]

Why Are Primitive Reflexes Important?

Primitive reflexes are automatic, stereotyped movements directed from the brain stem and executed without cortical involvement. What does this mean? It means, that at birth, our brain and body perform certain motions without us having to think.  This helps us throughout early life because we are born with certain skills required for survival as a […]


Sensory Disorders in Children

In 2000, an article in Us News and World Report stated that 1 in every 6 children in America suffered from conditions such as autism, aggression, dyslexia, and ADHD.  Unfortunately, the epidemic of sensory processing disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions appears to only be growing.  Why is this?  It can’t be strictly genetic – after all, […]


Neuroplasticity – The Secret To Treating Autism?

“That’s just the way I’m wired.”  Has anyone said this to you before?  We grew up under the impression that your brain is what it is – a final product that cannot be altered.  However, recent research indicates this is far from the case.  Let me introduce you to the concept of neuroplasticity.  This phenomenon […]


Caring For Children With Autism – A Conservative Approach

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition growing rapidly in the United States.  According to the CDC, 1 in 68 American children are on the Autistic spectrum – a ten fold increase over the past 40 years.  What is the reason for this exponential growth?  There are more than likely many factors.  However, one major reason […]

Abnormal head posture

3 Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

American lifestyles contribute to a number of conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even neck pain.  More than a quarter of Americans will experience neck pain during their lifetime.  Unfortunately, many believe it is a natural part of aging.  What if I told you that wasn’t necessarily true?  Many of our […]


Why is a Chiropractor that Focuses On Structural Correction Unique?

People often ask me, what is the difference between a structural chiropractor and traditional chiropractor? That is a great question. Traditional chiropractors tend to manage symptoms, or secondary conditions – and they actually tend to do a good job.  Unlike the traditional approach, a chiropractor that focuses on structural correction of the spine is concerned […]

America’s Health Crisis – Are You The Problem?

America spends more than any other country in the world on health care – and yet, as of 2010, ranked 36th in the world for life expectancy with the anticipation that the ranking will continue to slip.  How can a country that spends so much on health care be this unhealthy?  In my opinion, the […]


What Would Happen If You Could See Your Spine In The Mirror?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look into a mirror and see all of your health problems?  Do you have crooked teeth?  You are probably going to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist.  Is there a new mole on your forehead?  Maybe you should consider calling a dermatologist.  Unfortunately, not all of your problems […]


Backpacks – Are They Causing Back Pain In Children?

Are backpacks a potential reason children are having so much back pain?  Recent evidence suggests this may be the case.  It is also a reasonable assumption from a bio-mechanical perspective.  After all, a child wearing a backpack is essentially adding 10, 20, maybe even 30% of their body weight to their spine.  So, could this […]


Why Does Chronic Inflammation Cause Pain?

Before you experience pain, your nerves need to transmit an unpleasant experience to your brain.  This is done by relaying electric signals over multiple nerves.  The first nerve receives the painful stimulus and sends an electric signal to your spinal cord.  From there, your spinal cord relays the message to a part of your brain […]


Migraine Headaches – Is There Finally A Cause?

Migraine headaches are a debilitating condition that affect up to 20% of the population, per Harvard Medical School. They feature: throbbing head pain nausea vomiting loss of appetite prolonged periods of exhaustion Most migraines last 4-12 hours, although they can cripple some for much longer! Can you imagine losing a whole day because of a headache […]

How Does Your Heart Know To Beat?

Do you ever wonder – why does my heart beat non-stop, all day, without me thinking about it?  You are not alone.  Your body is a complex mesh of parts intertwined with electric wiring, also known as your nervous system.  Your nervous system features your brain, spinal cord and nerves.  Together, they form the computer […]

michael phelps

Why Do Olympic Athletes Use Chiropractic?

Do you ever wonder why so many Olympic athletes mention a chiropractor as part of their strategy for success?  The reason might not be so obvious.  Sure, chiropractors probably help many Olympic athletes with their back pain, neck pain, headaches and other issues that may occur secondary to their intense training.  However, there is a […]

Raw Almonds

Your Almonds Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

In recent years, almonds have become a popular snack for many health conscious Americans.  This is because they are packed with healthy fats, high in protein, and filled with vitamins and minerals your body needs to run optimally.  They are even a member of the illustrious league of superfoods.  If all of this is true, […]

Bone Broth

Did You Say You Drink Bone Broth?

If you watch television, check Facebook, or use the internet, you have no doubt seen a product advertised as the next great cure for any number of ailments.  I see these things and usually chuckle.  Your body is a complex machine that requires millions of different parts to function optimally.  After all, can you build […]

Workout Routine

Is Your Workout Routine…Boring?

The benefits of exercise for your well-being are exponential.  It improves your heart health, helps you lose weight, increases your brain function, lowers your risk for type 2 diabetes, and provides countless more perks that can’t be listed in a single blog.  Unfortunately, half the battle with going to the gym is actually going to […]


100 Trillion Reasons You Might Need A Probiotic

The human gut is estimated to contain 100 trillion bacteria cells, outnumbering our own cells 10 to 1.  We are a fertile breeding ground for this microscopic species.  The good news is, it can be a mutually beneficial relationship.  They perform many functions in our body that we cannot complete on our own.  They produce […]

Could Abnormal Spinal Fluid Flow Be The Cause Of Scoliosis

Could Abnormal Spinal Fluid Flow Be The Cause Of Scoliosis?

According to findings in a recent article, the answer to the title’s question is yes.  Does this mean it is the only mechanism in play with respect to developing a scoliosis?  My opinion is no.  There are probably other contributing factors, but this is a good start to solve a topic that has confused the […]

Eating Fats

Can Eating Fats Make You……Fat?

There are about 4, 230, 984 diets available to the average consumer.  Most of these diets pick on a certain macronutrient that doesn’t fit its agenda and create a misguided plan to attack it.  One of the macronutrients that tends to confuse people and has developed a bad reputation because of this misperception is fat.  […]

Normal Structure

Got Curves?

Did you know your spine has a number of curves when viewed from the side? These curves, according to engineering principles, help the spine protect itself from compressive loads. As your spine shifts away from what is considered normal (measurements derived from chiropractic, medical, surgical, physical therapy texts and journals) it causes abnormal loading of […]

Farmed Fish

Are Farmed Fish Bad for You?

Fish are one of the best sources for the animal-based omega-3 fats EPA and DHA.  There are many additional health benefits to eating them as well.  However, are all fish created equal?  It appears farmed fish offer less benefits relative to wild caught fish and are riddled with pollutants and other chemicals.  In addition, Omega-3 […]

What Is Best For Muscle Growth

Hi Reps, Low Reps, No Reps – What Is Best For Muscle Growth?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to lifting weights.  Should you only lift heavy if you want your muscles to grow more efficiently and gain strength faster?  Does lifting light weight for more repetitions “tone” your body?  What is the difference between doing 3 sets versus 456 sets during a workout session […]

Anterior Head Syndrome

What Does Your Head Posture Say About You?

Have you ever looked around a room and noticed some people’s heads tend to rest a little farther forward on their body than others? If you haven’t, maybe you were in a room where everybody was afflicted with this abnormal head position! Our head posture has deteriorated with the advent of technology like cell phones […]

Chiropractic For Animals

Did You Know Animals Have Chiropractors Too?

Surprisingly (although maybe it shouldn’t be) animal chiropractors are a specialty within the profession.  After all, many animals have spines with structural issues just like you and me.  Much of the public isn’t aware of this unique area of expertise – and truthfully I am not sure how they would.  After all, I went through […]

Super Foods

If You Are What You Eat, Do Super Foods Give You Special Powers?

Have you ever heard the expression you are what you eat?  I grew up 1/3 man, 1/3 chicken fingers, and 1/3 fish sticks.  I somehow survived my childhood eating the way I did – but could I have been healthier, stronger, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound?  The truth is, you really […]

Chiropractic For Back and Head Pain

Why is Chiropractic Known for Helping Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Headaches?

When I meet new people, I always hear how a chiropractor helped them with their back pain, neck pain, headaches and more.  You would think chiropractic is merely a treatment for these ailments.  Did you know that the goal of care has nothing to do with pain though?  Chiropractors, particularly those who focus on structural […]

Why Do You Need To Take Vitamin K2 With Vitamin D

Why Do You Need To Take Vitamin K2 With Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for your body to function optimally.  Many of us are aware that Vitamin D supplementation helps the body absorb calcium and can promote strong bones.  That is why it is often prescribed to those afflicted with osteoporosis, or its predecessor, osteopenia.  Did you know Vitamin D has a significant role in […]

When Did Sit-Ups Become Bad For You

When Did Sit-Ups Become Bad For You?

The Marine Corps started phasing sit-ups out of their PT tests recently. Is it possible that the exercise is too difficult for some of the most fit soldiers walking the planet? The answer is no. It turns out, sit-ups are bad for your spine and can lead to injury. One study found that 56% of […]

Rochester Hills Chiropractor

Our Original Research Was Published!

This weeks blog is short and sweet.  Dr. Tully’s research on the cervical spine was published in one of the premier Chiropractic research journals!  Included is a link to the abstract (the full research requires a subscription).  If you would like a copy, contact us!  We may be able to help.

Structural Shift Affects Workout

Can a Structural Shift of Your Spine Affect Your Workout?

Spring is finally here, which means beach season is just around the corner. Many gyms will see an uptick in members as people recall that it took longer than two weeks to get in shape the previous year. It seems like a cruel joke that our body wouldn’t just change instantly. After all, there are […]

Chronic Preventable Disease and Health Care Costs

Are Chronic, Preventable Diseases the Reason Your Health Insurance Premiums Sky-Rocketed?

It is estimated that nearly 50% of the American population suffers from at least one chronic disease.  The conditions include heart disease, asthma, cancer, diabetes, obesity and more.  These disorders are often preventable, and frequently manageable through early detection, improved diet, exercise, and treatment therapy.  They are also unfortunately expensive to treat.  This is part […]

Is Nerd Fitness a Revolutionary Concept to Promote Health

Is Nerd Fitness a Revolutionary Concept to Promote Health?

Do you have a son or a daughter, friend, colleague, or spouse that spends all of their free time playing video games?  Does it seem like they never get enough exercise and eat poorly?  Is it something they want to improve but just don’t have the motivation?  I have some good news if any of […]

Can High Heels Hurt Your Back

Can High Heels Hurt Your Back?

From what people tell me, fashion hurts if you’re doing it right (I guess you’ll never see me on a magazine or red carpet).  If this is true, high heels must be the king of high fashion.  A few sources believe they may contribute to back pain and a number of other ailments.  Why is […]

Does Your Fish Oil Brand Matter

Does Your Fish Oil Brand Matter?

Recently, I have found myself painting the office at Precision Chiropractic more than 5 hours per day (it turns out that it takes a long time for one person to paint a large suite with 12 foot walls).  While rolling a paint nap back and forth for hours on end is tons of fun, I […]

Does Your Head Have Something in Common With a Bowling Ball

Does Your Head Have Something in Common With a Bowling Ball?

Did you know your head has something in common with a bowling ball?  The average head weighs around 10-12 pounds (this doesn’t take into account outliers like Kanye West and Donald Trump who raise the average about 20 pounds).  When it is in normal alignment, the 10 to 12 pounds are balanced perfectly over the […]

CTE & Chiropractic

CTE and the NFL – Can Chiropractic Help?

If you have followed the NFL recently, you may know that concussions have been a huge area of concern.  The possible progression to CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) has been a hot topic of debate and was recently depicted in the Hollywood film Concussion.  The effects of CTE on former football players appears substantial.  Many suffer […]

Immune System

What is the Zika Virus & What Can We Do?

It is crazy how fast viruses can spread. The Zika virus is present in 20 different countries, and doesn’t appear to be slowing.  According to Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, the virus is fairly mild and may show no symptoms in the majority of the population.  However, problems arise for pregnant women as the […]

What Does a Structural Shift of the Spine Look Like?

Technology is allowing us to see things we have never seen before. Recently, I discovered something that many dentists and orthodontists use called Cone Beam CT. Basically, the technology appears to work by taking a number of x-rays and then re-organizing them on a computer to create a 3D image of what is being evaluated. […]

Does Your Pillow Matter

Does Your Pillow Matter?

The average American sleeps about 7 hours per night according to estimates. That is a long time to be in a relatively still position. Is it bad to sleep in a position that compromises your spine all night? Evidence suggests that poor sleeping habits may affect your health.  One way to counter this is with […]

Anterior Head Syndrome

Could Structural Maladies of the Craniocervical Junction Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects many Americans. The condition is known to cause demyelination of nerves, which affects its ability to transmit information from the brain to the body and vice versa. It is similar to electrical wiring in a house. What would happen if the plastic covering on some of the […]

Atlas Displacement Complex

Could A Painful Neck Contribute To Vertigo?

According to the dictionary, vertigo is a sensation of motion which is associated with various disorders and in which the individual or the individual’s surroundings seem to whirl dizzily. It is akin to spinning around in a circle for one minute then attempting to stand straight. This feeling can be crippling. Those with vertigo may […]

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

In the award winning show Game of Thrones, winter is everything. People in northern climates suffer a similar fate – plagued by different demons and dragons. As winter approaches, the days become shorter, the sun becomes weaker, and participating in outdoor activities is near impossible due to frigid weather. Unfortunately for denizens of the north, […]

Anterior Head Syndrome

Text Neck – The Next American Epidemic

Advancements in technology have made all of our lives easier. Imagine a life where Siri isn’t around to give directions to the closest Starbucks, or answer a person’s random questions. Smart phones might as well do chores, because they are an integral part of the family. Is it possible, however, that there is a downside […]


Structure Determines Function

I remember seeing the article’s title written on the chalk board during my first anatomy class growing up.  My teacher went on to explain how the structure of the heart is perfect for its function.  The top two chambers of the heart, called atria, are so positioned because they collect blood from the body and […]

Taste The Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow

If the title sounds familiar, it is because Skittles made the expression popular when they were marketing their multi colored line of candy. It was, and still is a fantastic campaign. A consumer can’t help but think of Skittles every time the phrase is repeated. The company was on to something when they created “taste […]

Tattered House

What Does Your Body Have In Common With A House?

Shelter is one of the basic needs of life.  A well-constructed house will protect you from thunderstorms, bugs, frigid winters, scorching summers and a multitude of other hazards.  If a builder cuts corners during the construction process, you may notice: rain leaks through the roof, bugs infest the interior and your heating/cooling bills are astronomical.  […]