Chiropractic For Animals

Did You Know Animals Have Chiropractors Too?

Chiropractic For AnimalsSurprisingly (although maybe it shouldn’t be) animal chiropractors are a specialty within the profession.  After all, many animals have spines with structural issues just like you and me.  Much of the public isn’t aware of this unique area of expertise – and truthfully I am not sure how they would.  After all, I went through 4 years of chiropractic school without knowing such a specialty existed.  Since humans develop structural shifts of the spine, there is no doubt animals can as well.  Fortunately, there are skilled practitioners capable of helping our furry friends.

Schooling Differences?

Can anyone who went to traditional chiropractic school adjust an animal spine then?  In a number of states the answer is yes.  The problem is, just because they can, should they?  My opinion is only chiropractors and veterinarians who have trained post-grad with animals and then certified in a national program should adjust animal spines.  Reason being, animals are typically quadrupeds (walk on 4 legs) versus people who are bipedal (walk on 2 legs).  Because we walk more upright, gravity affects our spine differently.  Due to this, the biomechanics of the spine are altered and what we are trained to do for people may not be effective for your pet dog, cat, horse or any other critter you consider a pet.

When You Need An Animal Chiropractor

What are some potential issues that indicate a need for animal chiropractic?  One major indicator is a limp.  A limp is a sign of discomfort and should be evaluated even if it resolves by the end of the day.  Animals evolved in the wild and many of their instincts developed to keep them alive.  Showing any weakness may mean they are dinner for something higher up on the food chain.  Therefore, their body will compensate to disguise any ailments from potential predators.  Another possible sign is “puppy sitting”, or side sitting.  Everyone has seen an adorable Labrador puppy side sitting and wondered if there was anything cuter on the planet.  What they may not know is that this behavior is not healthy for dogs after 18 months of age.  As they get older, it can be a sign of structural hip and spine issues.

What should you look for then if your pet is in need?  The largest post grad training in animal chiropractic is run by the IVCA and AVCA.  This stands for the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association and American Veterinary Chiropractic Association respectively.  Before having an animal treated it may be a good idea to confirm the practitioner’s credentials.  After all, pets are like children for many – and we want what is best for them.

Your pets deserve a quality animal chiropractor just like you.  Fortunately, Precision Chiropractic has teamed up with Dr. Christina Cole of Advanced Animal Chiropractic to bring your pets the care they deserve.  She is a health business in our VIP card program created for practice members and will offer a discount on her initial exam.  If you think your pet may be in need, don’t hesitate to contact her.  Your pup, kitten, horse and even bunny will be glad you did.

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