The Effects Of Abnormal Head Posture On The Body


Read Time [3-5 min].  Abnormal head posture is the rule rather than the exception in today’s culture – but why?  I’ll give you a hint.  Go to a mall, school, or any other public location and watch what people are doing.  They are staring down at their smart phone, tablet, or computer.  This is a massive problem because these devices force the head and neck into an abnormal position for extended periods of time.  It is very similar to a car forced out of alignment.  However, instead of tires and brakes wearing unevenly – your bones, muscles, and ligaments are damaged.  You can replace your car’s tires and brakes.  Unfortunately, the parts of your body aren’t that easy.  There is an epidemic of neck pain, back pain, and headaches affecting this country.  In addition, this head position can affect your self-esteem and appearance.  Abnormal head posture, or Anterior Head Syndrome, is a major factor in these pain syndromes and how you look in a mirror.

What is normal head posture?

Just like blood pressure and body temperature, there is a range of normal for head position.  As you shift away from normal, you may start to develop secondary conditions such as:

If you look at the first image (Normal Structure), you will see a yellow line drawn through the body and spine to show ideal posture.  Keep in mind, there are very few who are perfect.  However, as you shift farther away from normal like what is seen in image 2 (Anterior Head Syndrome), you will start to develop a number of secondary problems.

How do we diagnose abnormal head posture?

There are numerous ways.  To begin with, you can evaluate someone by placing them in front of a Structural Grid.  This allows us to see how someone’s external posture has been affected by deviations in their inner structure.  By placing someone in front of a grid, we can measure how parts of the body have taken on an abnormal position.

Another method involves x-rays.  When you take an x-ray of the neck from the side, you can measure the distance between certain landmarks.  If a person is outside of the normal range, they have anterior head syndrome.  At Precision Chiropractic we utilize both of these tests.  By using more indicators, we can be certain that someone suffers from this condition.

What can be done?

Typically, abnormal head posture requires a comprehensive plan.  This involves:

  • Structural Rehabilitative Exercises that target very specific muscles of the spine
  • Ergonomic Modifications
  • Structural Corrective Adjustments that help direct the spine toward normal

When all of these are combined, rehabilitation can occur optimally and in a shorter amount of time.  After all, someone who has suffered from abnormal head posture and its secondary conditions for 10 years requires more than a week to correct it.  Unfortunately, abnormal head posture is an epidemic due to our modern lifestyles.  It can lead to pain, headaches, arthritis, and also affects our appearance.  Fortunately, there are natural solutions available.

Want to learn more?

We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your problems and explain how we can help.  To setup an appointment, you may call (248) 590-0236 or fill out the form here.  Our consultation is always a conversation, never a commitment.  After all, we believe a patient should make sure our office is a good fit before committing to a relationship with us.

You may also contact our office for a copy of Dr. Tully’s research on the subject.

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