Does Your Head Have Something in Common With a Bowling Ball

Does Your Head Have Something in Common With a Bowling Ball?

Does Your Head Have Something in Common With a Bowling BallDid you know your head has something in common with a bowling ball?  The average head weighs around 10-12 pounds (this doesn’t take into account outliers like Kanye West and Donald Trump who raise the average about 20 pounds).  When it is in normal alignment, the 10 to 12 pounds are balanced perfectly over the cervical spine, which is balanced over the shoulders, then hips, and all the way down to the feet.  Stress and strain are equally distributed by the body to the proper weight-bearing structures in the normal position.  However, when the head is not positioned correctly it can lead to issues similar to a car out of alignment.  Instead of tires and brakes wearing unevenly, your neck bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves are the recipients of stress and neurological degenerative strain.

On top of your neck is a 10-12 pound bowling ball you call your head.  For every inch it moves forward (relative to normal orientation), it increases the weight on the supporting structures by an additional 10 pounds.  If your head deviates from normal by an inch, you can add another bowling ball on top of your neck.  You say your head is 2 inches forward of normal?  You are now balancing 3 bowling balls on your neck.  Having a number of bowling balls may sound great to a pro in the Professional Bowling Association, but your body is an amateur playing with bumpers.  One bowling ball is all it needs.

What Are Potential Secondary Conditions (Symptoms) of This Abnormal Posture?

There are many:

  • headaches
  • neck pain
  • degeneration
  • muscle tightness
  • TMJ
  • upper back pain
  • and many more!

How Does This Happen?

For an example, we will use headaches.  When your head shifts forward, the muscles on the back of your head shorten and tighten.  This will constrict anything traveling through them like blood vessels (pipes of your body) and nerves (the electrical wiring of your body).  These nerves form little webs that surround ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels that travel to your brain.  They are also responsible for transmitting pain.  Much like the lighting in your house, your body depends on unobstructed electrical current to run efficiently.  When the nerves are obstructed, the body begins to function like a 75 watt light bulb that is actually designed to run at 100 watts.  This can cause a number of issues, including pain, and a number of secondary conditions listed previously.

That’s why at Precision Chiropractic, we build a comprehensive plan dependent on the analytics from our complete Structural Exam.  This allows us to personalize a stabilizing period of care to address the issues that boththe patient and doctor observe.  Anterior Head Syndrome is just one of the indicators we find during our full Structural Examination that occur secondary to Structural Shifts of the spine.  While no one has perfect posture, the further your spine moves away from normal, the more Secondary Conditions may appear.  In the end, your body is designed to carry only one bowling ball.

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