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Why Do Olympic Athletes Use Chiropractic?

Do you ever wonder why so many Olympic athletes mention a chiropractor as part of their strategy for success?  The reason might not be so obvious.  Sure, chiropractors probably help many Olympic athletes with their back pain, neck pain, headaches and other issues that may occur secondary to their intense training.  However, there is a much more important reason the top athletes in the world utilize chiropractic care.  It optimizes function of the human body.

What is the difference between first and second place?olympic athlete michael phelps

When you compete against the best in the world, every millisecond counts.  For example, Michael Phelps beat Masato Sakai by .04 seconds to win the gold medal in the 200 meter butterfly event.  That is roughly the time it takes to blink!  When the difference between first and second place is so small, you need every advantage you can get.  This is the reason so many Olympic athletes utilize chiropractic care.

How does it work?

So, what are chiropractors doing to enhance human performance?  The role of a chiropractor, particularly one who focuses on structural correction of the spine, is to conservatively stabilize the spine and direct it toward normal alignment.  There is a range of normal and abnormal spinal alignment, just like there’s a range for normal and abnormal blood pressure.  As your spine moves away from normal, it transmits neurological strain to your spinal cord and nerves.  Why is this a problem?

Your spinal cord and nerves are the electric wiring of your body.  The proper operation of your body is no different than the proper operation of your house or car – it depends on electric signals.  If there are obstructions in the electric system of your body, it will not perform at its peak.  For example, imagine your brain is a satellite dish and the cells of your muscles and organs are television screens.  When the weather is beautiful outside, the image comes in crisp and clear.  Now, imagine an obstruction like a thunderstorm moves into the area.  What happens to the image on the television?  I imagine it gets a little fuzzy.  That is essentially what happens when there is an obstruction in the electric system of your body.

How does this translate to Olympic races?

What if there is an obstruction in the electric wiring that runs to Michael Phelps’ important swimming muscles?  Do you think it might affect the muscle’s performance in a way similar to how a clipped iphone wire affects the ability to power up a phone?  In order to recruit every muscle fiber for maximum power, the nerves in Michael’s body have to be able to “talk” with all of them.  If there is a blockage, he may only recruit 80% of his muscle when he needs all of it.  This could be the difference between a gold and silver medal!


As you now know, the difference between victory and defeat in the Olympics occurs in the blink of an eye.  Anything that obstructs the spinal cord and nerves in your body can affect its function.  One thing that alters your body’s electric wiring is abnormal spinal alignment.  Fortunately, there is a conservative way to address abnormalities of the spine.  Olympians trust chiropractors to optimize their athletic performance.  Are you ready to enhance yours?

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