Does Your Pillow Matter

Does Your Pillow Matter?

Does Your Pillow MatterThe average American sleeps about 7 hours per night according to estimates. That is a long time to be in a relatively still position. Is it bad to sleep in a position that compromises your spine all night? Evidence suggests that poor sleeping habits may affect your health.  One way to counter this is with an ergonomic pillow.

Think about it like a car. If your alignment is off, what will happen? Will the tires wear more on one side than the other? Will your brakes gradually give out on the side with abnormal stress? I bet they would, and eventually it could affect your whole car. Your body is no different. When your spine is out normal alignment, it puts added stress on the ligaments, bones, muscles, blood vessels and even the electric wiring (spinal cord) of your body. This can wear you down and cause issues like muscle spasm, neck pain, headaches and more.

This is why Precision Chiropractic includes a structural pillow for everyone who begins care with us. We measure your shoulders and make sure the pillow is the correct size. Our results are as important to us as they are for you. We try to address as many factors that contribute to structural shifts of the spine as we can. After all, structure determines function.

We recommend and retail the Therapeutica Pillow.

Image courtesy of “Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practicioner’s Manual” by Craig Lieberson.

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